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Slipping and Maintenance Facilities

Slipping & Crane Wharf
The Club is proud of its slipping facilities. If you wish to book in your boat, please contact reception on 8248 4222 to arrange a suitable time. The Club has its own horizontal-lift slipway which can handle craft up to 20 metres and 25 tonnes – irrespective of tide. Adjacent to the slipway is the crane wharf with a fixed arm 1.6-tonne radial crane. The Crane is for the use of members, staff and others that have been authorised by the Executive Officer or his/ her nominated delegate to use this facility. Please refer to the below document, Crane Operations, for more details. In and around the slipway are substantial work bench and maintenance facilities.

Please note that fees are subject to change. For the slipping of any vessel; Insurance details are to be provided, it is a requirement to read the 'Slipping Operations' document and the signing of the slipping waiver/form (for non-members). The Club has the right to reject vessels at it's discretion.

CYCSA Slipping Fees

Non-Member Slipping Form

Slipping Operations

Crane Operations Document (118 KB)

Spray Painting Policy (132 KB)

Tractor Operations (78 KB)

Workshop/Maintenance Shed
A workshop/maintenance shed is situated adjacent to the slipway and launching ramp. The workshop is available for members’ use and the key can be obtained from the Club office. Equipment on hand includes a drill press, pedestal grinder, belt sander, work bench and vice.

Launch Ramps
The dual lane launch ramp within the Club premises is for the exclusive use of Club members with boats stored in the hardstanding area. The Club also owns and operates the North Haven Public Boat Ramp. Fees paid ensure its maintenance for community use and provide increased financial support for the Cruising Yacht Club of South Australia.

The Club has tractors available for use by members only. All members are required to obtain tuition on the correct use of the tractors. Staff are available to give you direction prior to your use. Please contact Reception on 8248 4222 to arrange tuition.

An encumbrance on the North Haven harbour provides that the land owned by the Club shall not be used for the purpose of supplying boat fuel for the use of vessels as long as the supply is provided elsewhere in the harbour. Fuel is available at the northern end of the harbour seven days a week. For your information, please note the following rules apply within the Club premises: The boat owner may deliver fuel in his/her own vehicle and via his/her own container, however fueling is restricted to the Crane Wharf and associated pontoon.The owner is solely responsible for any fire risk and spillage. A fire extinguisher is located on the crane wharf adjacent to the workshop. There is a NO SMOKING policy on the crane wharf and pontoon during fueling operation.

Portable Motor Testing
An outboard motor testing tank is provided on the eastern side of the cradle area.

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