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Racing Documents

All required documents must be lodged prior to commencement of event as per relevant Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions 

 Season 2015-16 Racing Program                                                                       
CYCSA Racing Program Season 2015-16
 Season 2016-17 Racing Program   
2016-17 Program DRAFT
 Notices of Race
CYCSA Notice of Race Season 2015-2016 - Revision 2
SA AMS State Championship 2015-16
SA IRC State Championship 2015-16
Great Southern Regatta Notice of Race 2015 - Issue 2
J24 State Championship Notice of Race 2016
 Sailing Instructions 
CYCSA Sailing Instructions 2015-16 Revision 6
J24 State Championship Sailing Instructions 2016
 Nomination & Entry Forms
 Yacht of the Year Nomination form 15-16
 Crew of the Year Nomination Form 15-16
 Season 2015-2016 Nomination Form
 Great Southern Regatta Entry Form
 Boats Nominated 2015-16 (1/10)
 Casual Race Entry Form (2015-2016)
 Safety Forms
 Category 3 Safety Form (CYCSA 2015-16)
 Category 6 Safety Form (CYCSA 2015-16)
 Twilight safety declaration 2015-16
 Crew list for emergencies
 EPIRB Regulations (2008)
 Casual Membership Forms
 CYCSA casual race day pass information
 CYC day pass membership form
 Offshore Documentation
 Offshore Racing Declaration (2015-16)
 Offshore Crew List (2015-16)
 Marine Notice: Collision Risks to Offshore Yachts
 Short-handed Documentation
 Short-handed Crew List 2015-16
 Short Handed Safety Protocol
 Race Management Document
 Race Management Document
 Racing Association AGM Information
 Racing Association AGM Minutes (24 July 2015)
 Racing Association Financial Report 2014-15
 Other SA Club Info (Regattas etc)
 Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-16 Amendments 
 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing - Amendment no. 1
 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing - Amendment no. 2
 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing - Amendment no. 3
 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing - Amendment no. 5
 GEMBA Report - Yachting Australia
 YA 'Gemba Report'
 Port Adelaide Entrance - Shipping Channel Exit & Entry Points
 Port Adelaide Entrance - Shipping Channel Exit and Entry Points
 Racing Association Regulations
 Racing Association Regulations
 How Handicaps Work
 How Handicaps Work
 Racing Assoc's Yacht of the Year & Crew of the Year Perpetual Honour Board 
 Yacht of the Year and Crew of the Year Honour Board
 Adelaide to Lincoln Perpetual Honour Board 
 Adelaide to Port Lincoln Perpetual Honour Board

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