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October Long Weekend


Join us for Dinner or just drinks at the Bar over the Labour Day October Long Weekend and catch one of South Australia’s top Jazz & Blues singers - Gail Page from 'The Voice' LIVE at the CYCSA.

Sunday 1st October from 5.30pm-9pm.
Dinner and Drink Specials available on the night.
Dinner Bookings Essential: 8248 4222

Gail Page the Artist:
"Gail is a musical chameleon unlike any other. She's got one of the most powerful voices we've heard in a long time, microphone seemingly a mere prop, she can't easily be placed in a specific genre. While blues and jazz initially spring to mind, some of the songs would more appropriately be categorised as alternative contemporary. The minute you think you have it worked out, she'll surprise you with something new.

Be prepared to be moved. Gail doesn't just sing, she tells a story. And the stories are from the heart. They convey the emotions of a life's journey, messages of hope and strength and the uncanny ability to touch something inside every person that hears them. Expect at least a goosebump or two. It isn't just the clarity and power of her voice, nor simply the genuine emotion behind the songs, she's one of a kind, unique, powerful and touching."

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