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Article Title
Mobile Devices on Board
An insight into using mobile devices on boats
Owen Mace
February 2012
New Weather Forecasts
An explanation on new weather forecasting services
on the Bureau of Meteorology website
Owen Mace
November 2011
Tender Safety, Equipment & Rego Information
Useful information regarding safety equipment and
registration requirements for tender boats
Craig Evans
September 2011  
Has your GPS ever gone haywire?
A discussion on interference with GPS and Chart Plotters
Owen Mace
May 2011
Broadband Radar
Does it really work? Is it really safer than “conventional radars”?
Owen Mace
March 2011
Helpful hints and information about local moorings  
Chris Morphett
July 2012 
Five Steps to Anchor Right
Some helpful tips to remember when anchoring
Mark Johns
September 2010
AIS - Automatic Identification System
A radio system that lets others know where ships are
and what they are doing  
Owen Mace
November 2009
Effluent Disposal from Boats in SA
CYCSA has a simple vacuum effluent disposal facility
to enable you to empty the holding tank on your boat  
Len Stephens
November 2009
Global Positioning Systems
Although GPS is a complex system, even a small,
inexpensive receiver can measure its position and speed
Owen Mace
November 2009
Impact of Global Change on Adelaide's Marine Ecosystem
Ecologists Laura Falkenberg and Joanna Taylor study
into the extent to which ecosystems will be affected
by global change conducted at CYCSA 
Laura Falkenberg
November 2009

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